The Veterinary and Animal Research Centre (CECAV) was established in 2002 and is hosted by the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) at Vila Real. Since then, CECAV conducts basic and applied research in veterinary and animal science and aims to generate new knowledge in animal health and welfare together with animal production, meat safety and meat quality. The connection to human medicine, using animals as models, is also an important research area. Additionally, researchers also study health and pathology of companion and wild animals.

CECAV appears as a research unit that offers a multidisciplinary approach in different specific areas of veterinary and animal sciences that explain the growing ability to attract new young and senior researchers and also private research contracts. Actually, CECAV provides education and research work and training for several PhD and MSc students. Therefore, our all-time objective has been to develop stronger, multidisciplinary teams, directing their research efforts to topics in an integrated approach. By using the acquired knowledge, expertise and accumulated experience of its Members the CECAV now proposes to develop two priority areas of research

  1. Integrated Meat Quality – From farm to fork approach
  2. Veterinary Public Health – One health concept.

The administrative organization of CECV is structured in a Directive Board which is composed by a Director and three vice-Directors, and a Scientific Council including all PhD members according to the CECAV regulation

In the last evaluation (2017/2018) done by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT),  CECAV has obtained the classification of Very Good (evaluation report).

The criteria to be a CECAV member with PhD is to have have 3 scientific articles publisehed or 2 articles published and 1 article in press (with DOI) in journals indexed on ISI or SCOPUS, during the last 3 years.

According to the FCT´s regulations for the multi-year funding program for I&D Units, CECAV is counselled by an External Advisory Committee that visits the research Unit and issued an expert opinion in a report (advisory committee report (2013/17)). For the period 2020/24 the External Advisory Committee has three members:

José Lorenzo Rodriguez – Meat Technological Center (Orense, Spain)

Laura Peña – Complutense University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

Ana Afonso – European Food Safety Authority (Parma, Italy).

Support: The Veterinary and Animal Reseacr Centre (CECAV) is supported by the European Investment Funds by the FEDER/COMPETE/POCI– Operacional Competitiveness and Internacionalization Programme, and by the National Funds by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under the projects UID/CVT/0772/2013, UID/CVT/0772/2016 and UID/CVT/0772/2019.